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Kylie our house goat on the mend

I had a horrible cold last week and for 4 days I wasn't able to keep anything down. G had to do it all around the farm. Bless his heart!! Still have the cold but it is better. I just need to get my energy back. We didn't make it to the Farmers Market last week and won't be there this coming weekend. Our grandson has graduation but Lord willing and the creek don't rise we will be there the following week.
Kylie has gotten better. Poor thing was so miserable. She has the pox all over her. Her little nose had so many scabs she had to breathe through her mouth. Through it all she continued to pee, poop and eat normally though. Boy can she eat!! 
She has to wear a diaper in the house (she hates the diaper) I have bought about every size onsies to keep it on but always to small for her. So I got her a pair of shorts to help keep the diaper on. Her scabs are falling off now along with the hair. She is looking pretty sad. Hopefully her hair will grow back.
Yesterday was the first time milking this year. Callie and Prim did real good. Hailey didn't do too bad for her first time ever (once you can get her on the stand). She only kicked the bowl once. I only milked half so they could feed their babies. The babies were locked up separate over night. You can hear their complaints in the video. 
I got almost a quart. Not too shabby for first go around. In a couple of weeks I will milk them completely out. The babies are eating more grain and hay and it will be almost time to wean them. Then we will go to 2 a day milking
I had made some Super Scrub soap and it has finally cured. After working in the garden I tried it out. It worked great! Cleaned the dirt right off. It should not be used on sensitive skin or your face though. 
We got about 90% of the garden in..
G planted 2 beds of Silver Queen corn. It is up about 3 inches
We mulched the beds with grass clippings
I covered the strawberries with a net tunnel. I'm being stingy with the birds and don't want to share.
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How was your week?

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