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 Now that kidding season is over we just have to do our regular chores. G was able to get the grass cut this week. It was so bad we could have baled hay. We still have not been able to move the crap pile by the barn door down to the compost pile. Every time the ground almost dries up it rains again.


These are our bucks. Rango on the left and Hamilton on the right . Right now we have 28 goat we care for. These two bucks are the easiest. They are so polite at feeding time.  They don't stand in their dish, they don't push to get there first, they don't knock the feed scoop out of your hand while pouring it in. They just stand and wait for grain to be poured into their feeding trough. I love these guys but they don't get lots of hugs. They STINK!! I don't mean just a goat smell. They make you want to gag stink. To attract the ladies, they pee on their face and legs. The girls love it, us not so much. They are not real friendly but they have never been aggressive.

The chicks are getting big. The other morning when I let them out, I heard a pretty good attempt at crowing. Twice. We haven't heard it since. 

We did get out to the garden a little bit. I got strawberries planted that we bought in March. G was planting tomatoes and peppers in the rain.

Here is where you will find the goats if there is a drop of rain. We have had lots of rain

This is our 5th year kidding. This bunch of kids has got to be the orneriest bunch we have ever had. We constantly have to check on them,  Lincoln has jumped up on the deck and through the railing. Baby gates went up. Libby got her head stuck in a bush. Lefty and Lacey got into the chicken run and couldn't figure how to get out. All the babies except Lacey got into the wethers barn. Every time G got one out he would get back in. He finally nailed a board so it closed the 6" opening in the gate. 

We will be at the Sunbury Farmers Market every Saturday 9-12 on the square. We would love to have you stop by and say hi.

How was your week?

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