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Kidding Season is Over!!

Kidding is over for the year. We ended up with 6 boys and 4 girls

Honey had triplets on Mother's Day. She had this little girl and 2 stillborn boys. The doeling came head first but her legs were back. I had to go in and try to get the legs forward. I was only able to find one leg and got it straightened out. Tried and tried to get the other. Finally she came out. She looked huge but after she was dried off and I weighed her she was only 2 lb 15 oz. Both of the boys just popped out but were stillborn. We tried to stimulate them and G even tried mouth to mouth. 

We named the doeling Lacey.  First freshener Honey is a helicopter mom. LOL



Luna                                           Lefty


Libby (SOLD)                                             Lex

Little Bit (SOLD)                            Lincoln(SOLD)

Linus                                                      Lilly

Lucky                                                       Lacey  (SOLD)

The babies will be for sale when they are weaned. You can reserve one now.

Wethers- $75

Unregistered does and bucks- $150

Registered does and bucks- $200

Lefty's legs didn't straighten with the splints. He is lame but as long as he isn't in pain he will have a happy life.

Saying Goodbye

It was one of the harder weeks here on the farm. We said goodbye to three of last years babies.  Koko, Khloe and Kourtney went to live at their furever home.  They went to a great farm with lots of room.

The hardest goodbye was to the two little stillborn boys of Honey. We had to say goodbye before we were even able to say hello. 

Sunbury Farmers Market

Tomorrow is the first day of the Farm Market. 9-12 We sure would love to have you stop bye and say hi. See you on the Square

How was your week?

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