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Is It Spring Yet?

Can we put away the winter coats? Last week was so cold. It is crazy to have low temps in the 20's in May. It is warming up. Hope it last.

We will be at the Farmer's Market again this year but it has been postponed to open August 1st. hope to see you then but in the meantime you can order from the website if you need any products.

 We did get to the garden this week. Cleaned out 8 of the raised beds. We topped them with compost. Planted the tomatoes and peppers. Only 10 more raised bed to go. They were filled with clover and we had to use the maddox to break up the soil and remove the weeds. We decided to make the garden a bit smaller this year.

 This bed of strawberries have some blooms. Most of the plants made it

 We did try to clean the barn. Only got about 4 or 5 tractor buckets full then the tractor started getting stuck. This what just outside the barn looks like today. I don't think we will ever be able to get it cleaned 

 Madison is growing like a weed. He is such a little pig. I started milking Honey and was only getting about 1/4 cup. We separated Honey and Madison last night so I could milk this morning. I didn't milk her out all the way and still got 1 1/2 cups. 

In the picture you can see Madison's horns peeking through. He goes to the vet tomorrow to be disbudded. 

And then there is Xena. We can't go out to the barn or yard without her being in your face. But she is a sweetheart even if she is a pain in the but

We should have some more babies next week. Stay tuned. How was your week?



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