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Garden is Ready to Plant

After days of rain and a muddy mess, the garden is ready to plant


The peas are coming up good 

 This bed has garlic. I didn't plant garlic last fall. Must have been some left from the year before. We left it to see what it does.

We went to a produce auction Wednesday There were two rings going. I stayed outside and G bid inside. I bid and won a peck of seed red potatoes. I paid $3.00. I also bid on a couple flats of flowers and herbs but quit before it got to retail price. G bought 6 hanging baskets and 6 flats of flowers. He cracks me up at auctions. He is all about winning. 

The orioles did come back and found the feeder.  Never knew they loved grape jelly. They are so beautiful. I love watching them.


Callie is getting huge and miserable. She doesn't want anyone near her. We should have babies in a week to 10 days. I think First time in 7 years I don't really know the due date. We are watching closely for signs of labor. We will try to post live birth on facebook if our wifi works in the barn. Stay tuned.

How was your week?

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