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Productive week

We've had a very productive week. Got a few more things checked off our to do list. The posts to the chicken run gates rotted at the ground level. We had to put in a t-post the keep the gate from falling over. G decide to make it 8 feet wide so we can get the tractor in there. Sonny and Evan helped G put in the gates. 

 Sonny removing the old post

Sonny and G discussing something important, I'm sure 

Evan attaching something 

 Both gates installed. Chickens giving their approval


We didn't like the double gates. It was too much hassle to try to chain them together tight enough so the chicken can't get out or goats get in. So we took the 8 foot gate in the back of the garden and switched them. The only time we open the back garden gate is when we need the tractor in there. G put a two way latch and it works great 

 We had a dead branch from an apple tree. G drug it to the firepit to burn. The goats ate all the bark off of it. They use it as a head and butt scratching post. We can't burn it now and take away one of their favorite things in the yard.

 We got the girls barn cleaned. We deep litter for the winter so by spring it is really deep. Best thing we did last year was to remove the stalls. We would have to clean the stalls with a maddox and pitch fork. It would take us 4 or 5 days of back breaking hard work. With the stall removed, we can now get the tractor in and scoop it. We still have to use the pitch fork some but it only took us 2 days this year.

 As soon as we got done the goats came running in and started wasting hay

Say cheese!! We can't get the camera out with Xena being a camera ham. 

 G started a new compost pile. This pile is what we took out of the girls barn.

I'm pretty sure Callie settled. She is showing baby bumps. She went to Rango 3 times. I looked at my records and I only wrote down the first date Dec. 4th. I'm pretty sure the second time was Dec. 25th. The she had a weird heat a week or so later. We have bred for 7 years and this is the first time that I have no idea of a due date. So she could kid anywhere from April 28 to May 26. I'll probably start really watching around May 20th. Callie has had twins, triplets, quads and quints. I'm hoping for no more than twins. We need to thin the herd.


The chicks were growing like weeds and running out of room in the tub. We moved the chicks from the tub in the house to the brooder in the garage. They now have a 4x8 space to grow. After they are feathered out we will move them to the outside chick coop. Then when they are the same size as the hens they go to the big coop.

We made a hoop with one of the 16 ft cattle panel and t-posts. I planted peas on each side of the raised bed. The plan is one side will grow up the new hoop side and one will grow up the white hoop side.

We finished hoof trimming in the girls barn. We have a couple more shots and copper to do then on to the boys barn

Whew. Tired and sore but it's a good tired and sore. We got a lot accomplished.

How was your week?

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