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This That and the Other

We didn't get anything big accomplished this week. Still having crazy weather.  I did get some more freezer meals made and did get back to some soap making.

If we get the chance to close the barn door while the goats are outside, feeding time is so much easier. They are so rude trying to feed them when they are in the barn. We can fill their dishes with grain and fill the hay rack without being assaulted when the barn door is closed. Of course if it is raining they will not be outside.

 G caught a picture of this fox visiting the front flower bed early in the morning. We are thinking this is what got the one duck. The remaining duck is getting locked up at night . We feel pretty confident that our chickens are safe from the fox. Coop and barn is locked up tight at night and Xena is on duty during the day. It is our job to try our best to be good stewards of our critters in our care.

  Did some hoof trimming, CDT vaccinations and copper bolus. We are about halfway done with that chore. The hardest part of this chore is catching them and getting them on the stand. The vaccines are a piece of cake and hoof trimming isn't bad once they are locked in the stanchion. Giving the copper is a battle. Amazing thing was I didn't get pooped on once.  This will be one of our chores for this week that needs to be done. We will do Mimi and Hailey last because they are the ones we think is pregnant. That way the babies will get some of the vaccine in utero. Due dates are about 4-5 weeks away. Then onto the boys barn 

 M2 was mud runnin in the side by side and stuck his head out the window. 


Garlic is coming up. 


We worked in the garden some. We are replacing a bunch of the wooden beds. We are going to use some grow bags also. we filled 20 3 gallon bags. We will use these for peas, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower. I have 3, 5, 7 and 10 gallon bags we are using. If the mud ever dries up, we can get the tractor out to scoop up our 3 piles of compost and the fill the beds and bags.

 We still have not heard anything about the Farmer's Market. It is not looking good for us this year.

How was your week?


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