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No babies yet. Today is her due date. Poor mama is so miserable. 

I've been sleeping on the couch with the barn cam on. I wake at every little noise. I go out to the barn and check on her about 2:30 every morning. Nothing yet. I get to do it all again next week, LOL, I will be able to sleep by the end of the month.

I have the kidding box all ready. Lots of towels, OB jelly, gloves, puppy pads, iodine, dip cups, nose sucker, dental floss, kid puller(I have never had to use) The only thing I need yet is molasses water. I am ready Now Callie needs to do her job.

We are going to try to do a live feed of the birth, If you haven't done so yet, follow us on our Facebook farm page to get notification, Click here to go to our FB page ----->Oather's Legacy Farm Facebook

How was your week?

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