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Garden Work

G had surgery yesterday to remove a 16mm kidney stone. It went well and he is on the mend.

We have been working in the garden this week to get ready for planting. We had put black plastic down several years ago and put wood mulch on top in the hopes of keeping out the weeds. It worked for a couple of years but the mulch has broken down and weeds grew in the paths.


 We removed the plastic and weeds

Most of the weeds are gone. We will try woven weed mat this year. 

Once we get the woven weed mat done we will start weeding the raised beds. There is acres of land around here but a dumb rabbit thought one of the raised beds would be a good place to have babies. Xena found the nest and had one of the babies. G was able to rescue it and saved it from certain death. 

G planted 1 cherry, 2 pear and 2 peach trees. We will probably be dead by the time they produce lots of fruit. If they survive the deer and rabbits. LOL 

We had a couple of cold days so I decided to stay inside and make some totes out of feedbags.


 We set out some of the seedlings to start hardening them. We had to buy some herbs. I always have trouble seed starting the herbs. The only one I was able to start was dill.

How was your week?

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