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Mending Fences

 Hope everyone is staying safe and following the guidelines.

G had to fix the fence in the garden. Lucky found his way in and bent some of the poles and fence down. He also had to fix some of the chicken wire in the chicken yard. We will probably have to replace all of it this year. It is 9 years old and getting rusty and weak. He had to chase 2 of the chicken to get them back in the yard.

The skill the kids learned this week was bread making They did it all by themselves except showing them how to knead.


Evan and Cece  kneading their dough

We baked Evan's and froze Cece's batch. All we will have to do it thaw, let it rise and bake the next time we want Cinnabuns

 The finished product!. It had a cream cheese icing. The rolls were so good and didn't last very long. I am so proud of the kids

 Our fun this week was an April Fool's Dinner.  It was a 4 course meal with 5 item each course.

 Here are some of the plates. Sonny had water, brownie, garlic bread, straw and salad dressing. lol

 Salad, dressing, napkin, straw and nuts. They all were laughing and havibg a great time with each course that came out. 

Everyone be careful and stay safe. God Bless!!

How was your week?

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