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Garden and Bees

 Saturday and Sunday we had beautiful weather so we started working in replacing the raised beds.

Me, G, M1 and M2 worked for 2 days and only got 3 beds done. After an hour or 2 our backs were hurting. The garden this year will be a kaleidoscope of raised beds. We have different colors, metal, wood, square, rectangle and oval. lol  We filled a bunch of the grow bags also.


The strawberries have popped back to life. Too bad that raised bed needs to be replaced. I sure hope we don't kill the plants when we have to transplant them to a new bed.

We got the peas planted in the grow bags.

Monday we went and picked up our bees. G went out yesterday to see if the queen had been released and her cage was empty. We bought another hive and ordered some more bees. They are due to come next week. Got the new hive painted, need to get some blocks to set the hive on and the bees will have their new home ready to move in.

We transplanted the seedlings this week. Peppers didn't do very well but we have a boatload of tomatoes. Sweet potatoes were wilting but that was our fault because we forgot to close the windows to the greenhouse on one of the nights it went down to freezing. They have perked up so it is all good.

Hopefully we will have some warm sunny days coming up so we can get back to the garden and dig some more.

That's it for this week. How was your week?



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