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A little bit of everything

Now that kidding season is over, we are doing mostly routine farm stuff. But I am getting sleep now. 

We moved the wethers from last year to the boys barn. They didn't want to be led down. We had to put them in a dog crate, put the crate on a wagon and wheel them down one at a time. They were not happy to leave their mamas. They cried the first day but are getting used to the new digs. It has been a sloppy mess so they didn't venture to far from the barn. Did you know that goats think they will melt if they get wet? It's true. They are getting along real good with the other wethers.

Ever been to a goat rodeo? You could have witnessed it last Sunday when we gave the goats their vaccinations and copper bolus. G said it was easier to just shove the pill down their throat than to use the bolus gun. Third goat in, Hannah clamped down on his finger and would not let go. He may lose his nail. But it is done!!! 

We got all the seedlings transplanted. They are doing well. Cleaned out a few more beds in the garden between the rain.

The babies ventured outside for the first time this week. Oh my, they zoomed all over the place. I supplement the quints twice a day with bottles. It is crazy to try to feed 5 babies with only 2 hands. Solution is a chick feeder!! 

I can now feed all 5 at once.

The quints waiting to be let out and run with the big girls.

Remember Kennedy? The boys born with his legs all wonky. Well he is all better and is an ornery little guy. If one of the big girls butts him away, he will challenge them. Pic below is him ready to butt Callie.

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How was your week?

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