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Almost met our goals for this week. We did get 2 of the kidding stalls cleaned out and the milking stall got a good cleaning. Xena and the big kidding stall needs done yet. This weekend.hopefully.

The babies had a trip to the vet today and got disbudded. It is the one thing I hate the most. They do cry when it is being done but recover right away and start butting each other.

I did get 7 of the girls hoofs trimmed. Prim was a total brat this time. She was ok when I did the first one but one the second hoof she fought me every step of the way. She kicked me in the back a couple of times. With all of them, they don't mind me doing the front but don't like the back ones done.

Honey is due in 2 weeks, She is a first freshener.  Wonder how many she is going to have, Poor girl is miserable.

How was your week?

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