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Welcome Madison!!

Honey finally went into labor. It was a very difficult labor.  Her water broke at 4:30 A.M. A few hard contractions then nothing.  I went in about wrist deep to see if I could tell what was going on. I was able to feel a head and a foot. But I couldn't feel if they were connected or not. She was in a stalled labor. I was getting scared and called the vet. He came out. At this point, we were just hoping to save Honey. We thought for sure the babies were dead


The vet got here and he has huge hands. He told me I would have to go in. He was able to get a couple fingers in and said she had twins and they both were trying to come out at the same time. He told me to try to grab the foot and pull it out. It took a while but I was able to get the foot to the opening. He tied some baling twine around the foot and pulled. The baby was out and alive!! A buckling. We rubbed him down and dried him off. Then the vet said to go back in a find the other one.

I went back in elbow deep. I found the other baby but the head was twisted backward against the wall of the uterus. He told me to try to flip the head right and coax the baby through the birth canal. I was able to do this after awhile. He used a lamb puller and got the second baby out. Sadly, it was a doeling and she was dead. This experience was both terrifying and amazing.


This years name begin with M. Every year we name the boys after a president. We had to choose between Madison and Monroe. G said since our farm name is Oather's Legacy Farm after his Grandpa Oather Madison Farley, Our little buckling would be named Madison. He weighed 4 lbs 2 oz. He is healthy and a happy bouncing goat. Honey is doing well and being a wonderful mama. This is the second kidding for Honey. Both has been difficult labors. She will not be bred again. We will be keeping Madison.

 This little guy is a pistol. Wednesday night when they were getting locked up, he escaped his pen. G and Sonny put up boards and buckets. Yesterday we took them outside. After we brought them back in, G turned on the barn cam and saw this little booger got out of the pen and was trying to get back in. He went back out and did some more redneck barriers. 

Stay safe and God Bless. How was your week?



  • He is going to be wethered

    Barb Smith
  • He is beautiful! Im so glad your adding him to your herd. I cannot wait to see his offspring. :-)

    Julie G.

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