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Herb Garden Bed

We have been trying to work on things that need to be done now. G has to have surgery at the end of the month for kidney stones. It shouldn't be as long recovery time as the broken ribs but we want to get done as much as possible.

We have been taking apart pallets for the herb garden. Our granddaughter Claire wanted to try the Sawzall. 

Once again here is a picture of the before. How ugly is this? We did find out either the patio or the fence is not square.

Almost done. We just need the trim on the back. It's not very pretty but all it cost was a box of screws. It took longer to make it than we expected. Now we just have to wait until Mother Nature decides that winter is over to plant our herbs.

This happened the morning after we filled the bed. We got almost 5" of snow. It melted that day but it is still cold.

G finished the trim on the back

Here is an easy tip for planting carrots. Use toilet paper and water soluble glue. Just put small dot of glue and a seed on each dot.  Lay the toilet paper on the soil and sprinkle a thin layer of soil on top. No thinning of the seedlings except where 2 seeds were dropped in the glue dot.

 How was your week?

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  • Thank you for your farm report – it’s so much fun to see everything you are working on. The garden bed looks fabulous!!


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