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Where is Spring?

Is spring ever going to arrive for good? We will have a halfway warm day then the next day we have snow. Between the rain, cold and snow we have not been able to get a lot of the chores that needs done, done. It is suppose to warm up over the weekend so our goal is to get back to the garden to work on the garden beds.

We all hope everyone had a great Easter.  We had bought a ham. I threw a dinner together from our frozen meals and my canned veggies. That's why I love the freezer meals and canning. I enjoyed it so much because they all had actual conversations instead of being on their phones all the time. No amount of money can buy the happiness spent with those you love.

Our son-in-law Ian brought some guns out to target practice. They went out back to the field to shoot. 


Ian trying out his new gun 

 E enjoyed his turn

 C thought she was Bonnie Parker

 C after shooting

 S didn't shoot but instead showed her skills at a Russian dance.


Amelia had to have her tail amputated Monday. When we got her from the shelter 5 years ago, we noticed her tail was shorter than normal. Several weeks ago she started attacking her tail. It was bloody and infected. Vet gave her some cortisone and antibiotics and set her up for surgery.

She kept taking off the bandage and looked like she ripped open her stitches even with a collar on. We had blood everywhere. G took her to the vet yesterday to get it fixed.  She didn't rip open the stitches but had chewed her tail. He rebandaged her tail, gave some pain meds and put on a cone collar this time. Fingers crossed she will let the tail heal.

Alice (our other cat) is scared of her. It's a good thing because Alice is usually the bully.

We transplanted some of our seedlings this week. 


We have a whole lot more to transplant

G transplanted 3 of the sweet potato slips. We wanted to make sure they didn't wilt and die before we did the rest of them. They look pretty good so we will transplant the rest of the slips.

How was your week?

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