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 “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives by believing in me will never die”                                                         John 11: 25-26: (NIV).

All of us here on the farm wish everyone a blessed and happy Easter.

We have had all four seasons this week. Sun, wind, rain and snow.. Got a few things marked off our to do list.

We bought 16 cattle panels and 5 rolls of wire fencing to fence in the garden. Ian hauled them with his trailer. We thought they were just going to bring them here but they said they would help with the fencing. We first put on the rolled fence (small holes to keep the rabbits out). 

Then the cattle panels over the wire fence. Hopefully to keep the goats out. Ian is a beast with the hammer. Mandi and I would be pounding a staple in and Ian would have 4 or 5 done. Me and Mandi mostly had the job of unrolling the wire fence. G and Ian did most of the hammering. 

 All fenced in. It only took about 3 hours to finish this project. Without the help of Mandi and Ian, it would have take me and G 2 weeks to do it.

 Goats and Xena are not happy with the fence. They keep going around the garden trying to find a opening.

We picked our bees up this week. It was the first time G installed bees in the hive. There is a second video but I couldn't figure out how to splice the 2 together. 



It was trial and error. After he had it all done, we realized the bottom box was upside down. He had to take all the frames out and flip the bottom box. It all fit together great then. 

 We bought 4 blueberry plants since the goats ate our plants last year. G planted them in the garden.


G planted beneficial insect flower seeds in these pots. 

We picked up our bare root strawberry plants. We ordered 50 plants. I put 24 in these stackable planters. They will go on the patio. I've never planted strawberries in pots. Hope it works out.  The rest will go in the garden. Now we just need to keep the goats out of them

How was your week?

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