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So much to do

Spring is such a busy time. It's almost overwhelming at times. We try to prioritize what needs to be done first and what can be done according to the weather. We had some rain this week. It's not a muddy mess but wet enough that things like cleaning the boys barn or chicken coop is on hold. G got blown down branches picked up and the front yard mowed for the first time of the year.


The chicks are now 3 weeks old. They are getting bigger and  feathering out. This is an ugly stage. Half fuzz and half feathers. 

 I had a bunch of applesauce that I have canned. Now that we don't have any kids living here, we don't eat applesauce much. I was wanting to make apple butter from the applesauce but dreaded dragging out my big water bath canner. When filled with water it is so heavy and takes forever to bring to a boil.

G surprised me with this steam canner. It only takes about 3 quarts of water. Some women want diamonds, silver and gold, I wanted shiny stainless steel. G knows what makes me happy.  

 I filled my crockpot with applesauce added some sugar and spices and cooked it down until it was as thick as we like it. It is delicious. I was out of apple butter so this is a welcome addition to our pantry. 

We planted the rest of out strawberry plants in 2 beds. We ordered Flavorfest strawberries  They are everbearing. We grew them once before and loved having strawberries all summer long.

 We have been fighting weeds in this nasty mess for years. Before we fenced it in for the goats we had blueberry bushes here. Kids did some sledding down the deck steps and killed our blueberries. We decided this year to make a herb garden bed here.

We are using pallets to make the bed. This week has been tearing apart pallets. It's been slow going. It gets frustrating at times because we can't get done as much as would like. Our mind says we are in our 40's but our bodies tell us the truth. May not be very pretty but at the cost of lumber now this project hasn't cost us a dime.

 We have 20 chickens. Half of them are in retirement. We have been getting between 5 and 9 eggs a day. We got a huge egg. I was making omelets and cracked the big one open. We had a double yolk egg! We haven't had a double yolk egg in a long time.

Canning jars and lids have been almost impossible to get in the last year. We have found a few here and there. I got some for Christmas and I ordered Tattler lids (can be used over and over). I think I had about 30 dozen, G was at Kroger the other day and called me to ask if I wanted any lids. They has some in. The price was over $6 for a dozen. Nope. I got on the Menard's website and they had 14 in stock for $2.19 a dozen. I ordered 10 boxes. I also got 7 cases of jars at Walmart for $9.49. Kroger wanted $14.59.  I hate price gouging. 

I have been on the hunt for Montmorency Cherry tree. We have gone to 7-8 stores and nurseries, I've looked online. Most places are sold out or the price is outrageous. Oh well. We will keep looking.

How was your week?


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