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All of us here on the farm wish everyone a Happy Easter! The Easter bunny, coloring eggs, Easter baskets and egg hunts are fun but that is not the true meaning of Easter. THE TOMB IS EMPTY, HE IS RISEN!!!!! 


 The one storm door in the greenhouse was falling apart so it was time to replace it. We went to the Restore to get one. They wanted $100-$150 for a used door. We went to Menards and got a new one for $135. G and our neighbor G installed the door. They hung it 4 times before they got it right. I am so grateful our neighbor stopped by to help him. G and I probably would be insulting each other and maybe a few swear words. 

G checked the bee hives. All of our bees were dead. They were alive a few weeks ago when he took out some sugar water for them. So we emptied the frames. M1 was turning the crank on the honey extractor while G held it so it wouldn't vibrate so much. We ordered some bees and going to try again.

 G and M2 checking to see if the honey was extracted

 M2 and L joined in the fun and took turns cranking

 I got 3 pints and 2+ half pints of raw honey.

I made some creamed honey. Ended up with 9 half pints. They need to go in the fridge for 3 weeks. I sure hope they turn out right.

Today I am cleaning and melting the honey combs to make some beeswax. Another first for us.

How was your week?

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