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Callie had quads about midnight last Friday night. 1 doeling and 3 buckling

First born was Lily. She was breech but delivered with no problems. She weighed 2 lb 9 oz. Weight yesterday morning was 3 lb 7 oz. She has blue eyes. Small but mighty little girl

Little Bit was second born. Another breech birth but no problems. He was tiny and had a bit of trouble breathing. He weighed 2 lb 6 oz.Yesterday's weight was 3 lb 4 oz. He has brown eyes. He is doing really well and has no problem shoving his siblings out of the way so he can nurse.

Third born was Lincoln. He was in the perfect position. Diving head first. He weighed 4 lb 2 oz. Yesterdays weight was 5 lb 5 oz, He has blue eyes.  He came out ready to go and hasn't stopped 

Lucky was the last one born. He had some trouble getting out. He was head first but his legs were back. He was stuck. I had to go in and help get him out. First time I have had to go in and help. I was scared to death. He weighed 3 lb 13 oz and yesterdays weight was 4 lb 15 oz. Another blue eyed baby. Rough birth didn't affect him a bit

We let the babies  out for a couple hours a day to be part of the herd. Xena loves to lick them and clean their butts

We hadn't planned on getting chicks this year. I don't know the full story but someone G works with got these chicks from some guy that bought them to feed to his snakes. So we now have 6 Rhode Island Reds. Hoping for no roosters. G has been building them a new outside home. A couple more weeks and they will go out to the chick yard.

More babies due this weekend. Harmony due today- not sure she is pregnant. Bea due tomorrow- she has gotten a bigger udder, still iffy though. Hailey due Sunday- she has gotten big and her udder is bigger so pretty positive. Stay tuned for live feed!

How was your week?

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  • Great news on the farm … Godspeed to all the mamas for this weekend delivery.

    Karen Lewis

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