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Failure and Success

We have had many successes with our farm experiences. We also have some failures. This week was one of those failures. We gathered 23 gallons of sap and decided to boil it down. I started it at 2:00 AM. Everything was going great and we kept adding more sap as it boiled down. I usually use 2 pans. When both pans get low we pour it into 1 pan and continue boiling.

After about 20 hours it was almost ready. I went out to check to see if it was ready. There was syrup all over the floor. I thought my pan got a leak but we figured out that we had missed the right time to take it off and it boiled over.

20 hours and 1 tank of propane later we ended up with maple candy and a huge sticky mess to clean up.

On with our second attempt. This time instead of using big stock pots we tried steamer pans. We had 10 gallons to try. 

9 hours later we have 6 cups of yummy maple syrup. The steamer pans worked great

Seedlings are doing good. We need to clean out the greenhouse and move these out there. I will have more room to start the rest of my tomato seeds, herbs and flowers.

How was your week?


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