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HAPPY EASTER!!! He is alive

 We are on baby watch now. Callie  and Hailey are due to kid on April 3rd. We have the kidding box ready and will put fresh straw in the kidding pen this weekend. We will try to do a live stream on facebook when they give birth, so stay tuned, Unless I can figure how to do it on Oather's Legacy Farm facebook, it will be either on mine or George's.


Callie is huge and miserable.  This will be her third freshening.  She had triplets her first year and twins last year, 

Hailey Is not as big and she has a cute little udder right now. This is her first freshening. We have 2 more after them. Heidi is due April 8th and Prim is due April 19th.


We were once again blessed  with the help of our other son, Erick and two of his kids, Camden and Georgia.

They  cleaned the chicken coop. Grandkids shoveled the litter into the wheelbarrow, They worked hard and did a great job. 

Erick wheeled  it to the compost pile.

Pine shavings were laid and the coop is done. Thank you Erick, Cam and Georgia!! Only have the boys barn left to clean and then it is just maintenance.


 The chicks were running out of room in the tub they were in so they got moved to the brooder in the garage. It is 4x8 so they have plenty of room to grow and will be there until they are feathered out. 

Chicks are at the ugly stage right now. Half fuzz and half feathers

How was your week?

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