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Spring is finally here but Mother Nature needs to be notified. 

Our project this week has been cleaning the barn. Oh my, what a chore that has been. We need to be 30 years younger or at least have the strength and endurance of our younger years. We got the front part of the barn done. The left side is stacked with the hay. The right front side is pretty much done and ready to make it a milking area.


The stalls were probably 12 inches deep. It was like trying to dig up sod. We could only do a couple of inches at a time with the shovel or pitchfork, G tried to use the tiller. It worked ok but only on a small portion. We finally tried to use a maddox and it worked great! Our son, Sonny and grandkids, Evan and Cece came out to help us. What a blessing that was.

It is so much easier now with the tractor. We used to use the wheelbarrow to dump it.

The kids worked hard and did a great job. We are proud of them for giving of their time and breaking a sweat for us.

After a couple of hours. The cleaned stall. 

We should be able to finish it up today and go on to the next project.

How was your week?

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