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Spring is finally here.  

Xena and Koko enjoying the sun

I made soap this week. Tea Tree lavender mint, creamsicle, luffa, and poison ivy. I am still trying to figure out the luffa. I either overfill or underfill. I'll just keep at it.I only have enough milk left to make a few more batches of soap. I do have some freeze dried, so I have that to make bath bombs and lotion bars, Only a few more weeks and I can start building up my milk again. 

 I made another batch of the creamsicle. I added vanilla stabilizer to this batch, It is such a pretty orange and white swirl. I will know in a few days if it stays that way or turns brown again. Fingers crossed.

 Our chore for today is giving the goats their annual vaccine CDT. And their copper. We are way behind on the copper. 

When they are deficient in copper, they get fish tail. They do get minerals every day but it isn't enough. We usually bolus 3 times a year. 

This is the copper pill they get. We have tried to hide it in fig newtons, peanuts and marshmallows. They now refuse to eat fig newtons even without the copper in it. It is a myth that goats will eat anything. Ours are very picky. G tried shoving it down their throat like you do a dog. Harmony bit down and he lost his fingernail. He now uses the bolus gun. Except Colby. Sweet Colby will eat anything, even a plain copper pill. 

We didn't get to clean the barn last week. It is just so muddy. We have got to start on it this week. With all the mud we can't use the tractor. So it will have to be wheelbarrowed out. I think we will pile it just outside of the barn for now. We are running short on time for the kidding. It is hard work doing it this way but we can do it each day and hope it is done before the babies come.

How was your week?

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