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Is this week over yet?

It has been a strange week. We have decided I needed a bubble suit and helmet this week. While working in the barn, Evan was prying up a board and I was pulling. The board came up, I went flying. Landed on the metal wagon. Hurt my shoulder and hip and wrenched my back. I was done working in the barn. Next day I walked into a door and cracked my head. Huge goose egg. I have had a migraine for 3 straight days. They have taken my Excedrin Migraine off the shelves and nothing else works. Callie got locked out of the barn one night. Thankfully no coyotes visited the farm. She was ok and very hungry the next morning. Still wading through ankle deep mud and more rain. Is the week over yet?

 The kids are out of school until who knows when. They are doing schoolwork on the internet. We thought while they are off, we would do something on the farm, learn a new skill and something fun each week.

G and Sonny have to work and G even had his hours increased. The one who made the decision for G to work is staying home during the virus. Makes me angry. He is high risk. 69 and diabetic. 

We worked on the doe barn. Taking out the stalls and adding a kidding pen. This was the farm work this week

Cece taking out screws of center poles 

Evan getting ready to take out the center fence 



 Hanging the hayrack

Hanging the feed dishes 

All done . It is so much easier to fill the feed dishes with the open area.

Sonny and the kids starting building the kidding stall. The new skill was using the chop saw and hammer drill.  Measuring and building. They did a great job. All that needs to be done is the side boards.

This week's fun was Universal Yums. We get a box from Universal Yums each month with snacks from different countries. This month was Brazil.  Most of the stuff was really dry except there was a white chocolate yogurt and strawberry bar that was really good. Our favorite box we have gotten was Portugal. 

 It has gotten scary with the pandemic. I am trying hard to make my faith stronger than my fears. I am so glad I have canned and freeze dried. We didn't have to go to the store in all the panic buying. We have never thought of ourselves as elderly. until now. We are both over 65 and have underlying health issues. For anyone who does not want to give up parties, gatherings or other social activities, Can you look your parents, grandparents, elderly or high risk people in the eye and say my self satisfaction and enjoyment is more important than your health? I don't know how long this will last. But if we all pull together we will get through it. Our ancestors survived the Great Depression. We can survive this. Now would be a great time to learn to garden, can, bake bread and cook from scratch.

On a final note, I would like to give a huge thank you to all those on the front lines. Our healthcare workers, police, fire, EMS, truckers, grocery store clerks and many more. Not all heroes wear capes. If you see any of the people give them a big thank you. If you can be anything, be kind. It costs nothing.

Stay healthy, helpful and calm.  God bless

How was your week?


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