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Taste of Spring

We have had every season this week. Some snow, wind, rain and beautiful warm sunshine.

The quacker loved the weather

Maple syrup tapping is over. It was a pretty good year. The tube taps we tried this year was a success. We ended up with 14 pints of maple syrup and some candy from our first failed batch. Taps and buckets are all washed and put away until next year. 


Aldis had bananas for $.20 a pound. I got 3 big bunches. Sliced them up and ready to into the freeze dryer. With the cost of groceries, when we find a good sale we like to stock up. 

Our unplanned project this week was the rain barrel at the girls barn. Most of the winter we had to haul water since the rain barrel was frozen. We had some nice weather and tried to get water and noticed the barrel was empty. G finally figured out that the gutters and downspout was clogged. So no water was even getting in. That area there was a huge mess. There was so much mud, the pallet the tote was on had broken in the middle and it was sinking into the muddy mess. I wish I would have taken a before picture. We moved the tote, laid down 10 bags of gravel, 6  16x24" patio pavers, 7 cement blocks, 2 pallets then the tote. It worked out perfect. We made it higher so the buckets fit better under the valve. I must be honest and admit when I say "we" I mean mostly G. He does all the heavy lifting. 

G put on the cover. It will help to keep out algae. Hopefully Xena will leave it alone.

 I have been collecting raised garden beds over the winter to replace a lot of our wooden raised beds that are rotting. G put them together. There are some in the barn also. Our garden beds will be quite the eclectic mix of colors, sizes, styles and materials. 

I moved some of the seedlings to the greenhouse. I also have 2 tables in the house with trays. Some of those will be moved to the greenhouse this week. I will be starting more seeds this week when I have some more room.

My sweet potatoes are finally starting to sprout!! I started them earlier this year. Hopefully we will have slips by the time it is to plant and not have to buy them.

Now if Mother Nature will just send us some warm sunny days to dry up our ankle deep mud everywhere. We need to do some barn cleaning and garden prep.

How was your week?

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