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We got some chicks this week. 3 Wellsummers and 3 Araucanas. Wellsummers lay dark brown eggs. The Araucanas also known as "Easter Eggers" lay different color eggs. Green, blue, pink. Although every araucana we have had lays green eggs. That gives us 26 chickens. We have some old gals but none died this winter.


Our great grandson, Jack was mesmerized with the baby chicks


Seedlings in the greenhouse are growing. A few are about ready to be transplanted into bigger cups


And then, we have the barn. It is a disaster!! Hoping to get the stalls cleaned out this weekend. We use the deep litter method in the winter. So in the spring it is hard, back breaking job to shovel out a foot of muck. Our first kidding is just a little over 2 weeks so it has to be done soon.

This is the front right side. I want to turn this area into my milking stall. Right now it is in the back and I have to wade through the herd and Xena

Made some progress


How was your week?

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