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Wide Loads!! It is getting close to kidding season. 6 of the ladies went down to the boys barn. I don't think Prim settled because she came back into heat. These 5 didn't so I am hoping they have babies.

Callie due 4/5

Harmony due 4/12

Bea due 4/13

Hailey due 4/15


Honey due 5/13

 We got this stall cleaned and ready for babies. Hoping this weekend we can get to the other stalls cleaned


I found a chicken under the coop porch the other morning. She had spent the night under there and was stuck. I tried all day to get her out. I finally was able to get a stick and move her to the side. I removed some bricks and roots and got her out.  Poor girl was so thirsty, hungry and soaking wet. G went to lock the boys up and I had forgotten to lock the gate to the feed room. The naughty boys got in and just about destroyed everything. Feed can knocked over with the lid off. Hay was everywhere the ladder was knocked over. Always expect the unexpected on the farm LOL

We have had some visitors this week. One morning about 3:30 I heard coyotes screaming. I opened the back door. I didn't see them but they sounded like they were in our side yard. I am so glad we lock up all the critters in their barns.

Two opossums showed up. One was in our garage. Both during the day. And the fox was back again

 How was your week?


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    Barb Smith
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    Bonna Boudinot

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