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Food Preps


This week was mostly rainy. The mud is horrible. Last night when G and the farm hands were locking up the critters, the boys decided to play a game. Kick your boot off, see how far it goes and then hop on one foot to retrieve it. LOL. Gotta love boys! They were a big help on one of the few days we had nice weather. They fed the animals, helped G unload and fill the can with grain, carried my raised garden beds to the garden and helped with the hoof trimming. These kids are such a big help to us and we appreciate them so much.

We bought 8 chickens to can. I was able to can 18 pints of chicken, 1 pint and 4 quarts of chicken bone broth. There was another pint of chicken I made some chicken salad. It is a lot of work to can the chicken and bone broth. But the benefits are so worth it. The way grocery prices keep going up and who knows how high they will go, I know exactly what is in each jar, it is already cooked so even if the electric goes out we can have a good meal, I can throw together a meal in just a few minutes


The other food prep I did this week was freezer meals. I made lasagna, manicotti, tuna noodle casserole, cabbage rolls, breakfast casserole, mac and cheese, General Tso meatballs, and enchiladas. I did some family size, some 2 servings size (or 1 really big portion) and some were the single serving size. I am a picky eater. I don't eat much meat. I hate any kind of seafood. So on nights I don't want to cook or I'm fixing G something that makes me gag, I can pull something out of the freezer. G likes everything I froze except the cabbage rolls.

 Remember my pic last week of the 2 small sprouts on my sweet potatoes? Look how much they have sprouted and grown this week. Looks like we will be getting a bunch of slips to plant.

I tried starting some more sourdough starter. I have tried a couple of times over the last month but it just would not get a good start. I think maybe the house was too cold.


So far so good. Fingers crossed maybe this time I will get a good enough start to make some bread.

Not sure about the Farmer's Market this year. We haven't gotten an email about it so not sure if they are going to do it.

How was your week?

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  • Amazed at how much you’ve accomplished – everything looks fabulous! Hope they have the Farmer’s Market because I love your soaps and I’m nearly out.


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