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We have had been having some cold and snowy weather. I just go out to do the water and feeding. G does the feedings, hauled water, straighten up his side of the barn, hung some bird houses. I'm a fair weather farmer. G doesn't mind it as much.  The chickens hate to snow. As soon as you open their door and they see white, they put the skids on.

The goats don't mind

 Xena loves it. This is her kind of weather.

 G dug  out the snow blower. He hasn't had to use it for a couple of years. It started right away but the auger didn't turn. 

 So he dug out the tractor and scraped the driveway with that

I've been freeze drying every day. I freeze dried Chili, Chili beans, mushrooms, Skittles, hamburger, tomatoes and black beans.  Aldis had mushrooms for $.79. I bought 8 containers and freeze dried them.

 Ended up with a half gallon and a quart. I hate mushrooms and G loves them. Freeze dried is perfect for him to have any time he wants them. Notice the Skittles bag behind the jars. That was the project when the mushrooms were done. Freeze dried Skittles is everyone's favorite

We got some canning done. I canned 7 pints chicken, 10 pints of baked beans and 7 quarts of chili beans. Since G retired he helps with the canning. I do the prep and fill the jars. G carries them out to the canning shack and does the timing and removes them. 

I tried the Meal In A Jar. This was Taco Soup. I used the freeze dried stuff I had on hand.. To rehydrate, dump jar in the pan, add 8 cups of water and simmer for 30 minutes. I didn't have enough of the freeze dried beans and tomato powder for all the jars, so when I make the soup I will have to add my canned beans and tomatoes to those jars.  Since I have a freeze dryer, I think it would be easier to just make the soup and freeze dry it.. 

We have been getting ready for spring. Got our seeds and have started the peppers. I will start tomatoes next week. Ordered some strawberry plants (Since he goats ate all mine) Ordered new frames for the beehive and 3 pounds of bees. G wants to try the bees again. I got stung too many times the last time so this will be his project.

 Stay warm and safe my friends!!

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