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Maple syrup time!!

It's that time of the year for tapping the trees to make our maple syrup, We didn't tap them last year because G fell and broke his ribs and I had just to much other stuff I had to do. We only have about a half gallon of syrup left from the year before. Hopefully mother nature will cooperate and we can get a good amount of syrup this year. I keep the syrup in the fridge so it does last a long time.

G was showing M1 and M2 how to tap the maple trees. Sugar maples are the best kind to get syrup. They are high in sugar. We have silver maples. Not as high sugar content so we need more sap to cook down than the sugar maples. It takes about 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup.


We hung 10 sap buckets 


We are trying the tube tapping this year. We did 7 of this type. G gave the boys 2 buckets and 3 tubes so they could tap trees on their property. M1 hung them all up and was so excited that a couple of the trees started to seep sap as soon as he drilled the hole. He told us after they locked up the critters that he was going to check the buckets. lol It is so good to see how interested these kids are in homesteading ways.


I did get some canning. Beef and kidneys beans we harvested last fall. 


I made up 3 pounds of hamburger in mini meatloaves. I will vacuum seal and freeze them. With just the two of us, some meals are too much unless we want to eat leftovers for days. When I make something, it is just as easy to make extra to freeze or freeze dry. Then on days G is having something I don't like or I am too lazy to make a meal, I can just get something out of the freezer.

I have been starting seeds. I have 24 varieties of peppers and only 7 kinds of tomatoes. I want to get a few more different tomato seeds. The seed trays on the left are on heat mats waiting to germinate. The right side is seeds that have germinated and need the grow lights. Next will be flowers and herbs. I may need another table. 

That's about it. How was your week?

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