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25 Days until Spring!!! 

This week was mainly making maple syrup. Our maple syrup adventure began in 2013 quite by accident. We had a shed that was starting to rot but the bones were good. We decided to turn it into a greenhouse.


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We broke a branch off of the maple tree. The sap immediately started dripping. I took a bag and collected the sap. That first year was a total fail. I boiled it in the house and the steam was dripping everywhere. I boiled it over and for too long. Horrible cleanup and was not syrup but like hard candy. 

The second year we got sap buckets and boiled outside in the garage on a 2 burner camp stove. We got a gallon of delicious maple syrup. So this is our preferred method now. The only downside is the steam has loosened all the drywall tape in the ceiling and it has fallen down.


We did the syrup in batches. The first batch was 20 gallons of sap. It took 20 hours to boil down and made 2 quarts of syrup. The second batch was 14 gallons of sap and the third was 5 gallons. Total of 39 gallons of sap and 38 hours to boil down, When the temperature reaches 219 degrees, it is then removed and filtered.

We ended up with 5 1/2 quarts of delicious maple syrup.

Maple syrup season is done for this year.

How was your week?


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