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G took the week off so we got quite a bit done this week. G, Sonny and Evan got a truckload of hay. These goats have been going through hay like crazy. G also turned over the compost piles since the ground was frozen

G, Sonny and Cece drilled and put in 11 stiles for the sap buckets. 

The bigger trees got two buckets. All the others got one. So far we have gotten 22 gallons of sap.I started to boil the sap this morning. Our propane camp stove we use has just about bitten the dust. G went to Cabelas and got another.

I got started on my seeds I started some herbs and 4 different pepper plants. Next week I will start some tomatoes.

It was 30 degrees outside and almost 60 inside the greenhouse.


 Cece wanted to learn to make soap.

She made some Refreshing Citrus EO. 

She also helped to label the soap. Maybe some day she can take over 

G and Sonny put in a new door

How was your week?



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