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Kitchen is Done!!!

Well sorta kinda. It is functional now. I so missed my dishwasher and garbage disposal. 

 After a month of chaos, I was able to make dinner with running water, counters, able to locate bowls, pans right away. Sound crazy but I didn't realize how much the kitchen is used.

This side needs the backsplash yet. They have to redo the one counter top so I will wait until they do that before I tile this side. Need to put up the range hood. Still need to fix some of the floor tiles and replace some of the barn board but it is all usable  I really do love the kitchen now

Our date for Valentines Day, we dressed in our finest attire 

He thinks I'm sexy 

And cleaned the chicken coop. And dined on leftovers

It was almost a comedy of errors to get this chore done. I could not find the respirator mask so I had to use a bandana instead, G went to get one of the wheelbarrows behind the buck barn. Jordan had stuck his head through the fence and was stuck. G got him out and tried to get the wheelbarrow. The wooden handle broke off. He went to get the other wheelbarrow. We got one load of chicken muck and he got a flat tire. G went to fill the tire with air and couldn't find the air compressor. Then he remembered it was in the house. Meanwhile, I was in the chicken run and had to go to the bathroom. G had locked the gate from the outside. Finally we had a working wheelbarrow, bathroom breaks and got the coop cleaned out. The chickens are happy campers. The goats not so much. I ran out of peanuts Monday and didn't get any until Thursday


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How was your week?

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