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This is the most difficult blog post I have written. Maggie has an appointment today to help her cross the Rainbow Bridge. She has chosen G as her favorite.

 December 2008 Sonny called us and asked if we wanted these puppies. Someone had dumped them in his back yard. Our daughter wanted the black one. She called her Matilda. We kept the white one and called her Maggie

 Maggie and Matilda would play tiredly all day long

 Everything was a tug of war

Even though they didn't live together they were so close 

 We would take Maggie, Matilda and Abby to the dog park. They loved to go play

G and Maggie at Innis Park 

 Then we started camping. Another of her favorite things. 

 Loved taking walks at camp

 She got so excited when the bike came out.

She loved the water. She would go in the creek any chance she got 

 This happened every single time. She could clear a creek in seconds.

Maggie and Napoleon 

 Cuddles with their daddy

 She wasn't impressed with costumes

 She thought she was a lap dog. G's Mom allowed her to share the chair

 She gave such unconditional love and devotion. There will be a huge hole in our home and our hearts. She had a good life and was well loved. She will be out of pain now. RIP Maggie Moo!!




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