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At least that is what the calendar says. I sure hope Mother Nature agrees.

I really can't complain too much. Last week was the first real snow we got. It has been cold but not so much snow. G was finally able to get our log splitter out of the tractor barn. Our electric bill was outrageous and we were always cold trying to keep the thermostat low. G, Tom and our farmhands split the rest  of the wood we had. G ordered some wood but it hasn't come yet. The wood burning stove makes such a warm heat

I started some pepper seeds. I have 16 varieties. Some of them I have never heard of but I like to try new things. We have California Wonder Bell, Golden Cali Wonder bell, Cayenne, Ghost, Habanero, Paprika, Red Chili, Pasilla Bajio, Mulato Isleno, Anaheim Chili, Big Red, Large Red Cherry, Poblano, Tam Jalapeno, Hungarian Yellow Wax, and Serrano. These are heirloom seeds. I will be starting tomatoes and some flowers probably next week.

Here is my hydroponics lettuce. I tried spinach but it didn't germinate so I put in more lettuce. This is 3 weeks growth. I got another hydroponic kit and put some strawberry seeds in it. We will see how it does. If they don't germinate I will put some herbs in it.

I got some canning done. 4 quarts of bean soup, 5 pints of black beans, 5 pints of pinto beans(1 didn't seal so it went into some chili), and 4 pints of chicken for my sister. I have some kidney beans and beef to do yet.


The gate going into the chick run was falling apart. We don't have chicks in there but the neighbors chickens are in there for the time being. G replaced it with this door we have had just sitting in the barn forever.


Got some more soap made and freeze dried Skittles. But that is about all going on here at the farm.

How was your week?

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