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Winter Wonderland

It is winter in Ohio!! We had -29 degree wind chill Wednesday. All the critters stayed locked in the barn. Thursday was still minus degrees but the wind was pretty quiet. We opened the barn door so they could go out if they wanted. They didn't really want to except Xena and Kylie. I am grateful that we had heat, electric and water.


This is what we had this morning. We were supposed to get 2-4" I think we got a bit more 

Forecast of the temps being in the 50's  this weekend. 

Xena was so happy to be in the snow 

This soap I made a couple of weeks ago. The scent is Creamsicle. When I made it the color was the prettiest orange and cream swirls. See how dark it got during the cure? I forgot that the vanilla in fragrance oils will turn the soap dark. The more vanilla, the darker it turns. Most times it doesn't bother me when it turns. Next batch I will use vanilla stabilizer in it. There is nothing wrong with it other than I don't like the color.

The kitchen is the same as last week. No pantry or counter.. How was your week?

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