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Mischief on the Farm!!

At times, goats are like having a bunch of unruly children. This has been one of those weeks. Both the does and the wethers have been such a pain to feed. They stampede to their food dishes. If you are in the way they will go over, around and through you to get there first. Then they will jump in the dish so when you try to pour the feed it goes everywhere. Amazing enough, the bucks are gentlemen for feeding.

 After we fixed the garden fence I saw Kloe and Koko in the garden. Finally got them out. We looked at the fence and couldn't find any holes. It was a mystery

 G was watching the barn cam and heard screaming. He ran out to the barn to see what was wrong. The same two babies, Kloe and Koko had gotten out of the gate and couldn't get back in. They wandered around the barn and panicked when they couldn't find the way to get back with the others.

Wednesday I saw Kloe and Kylie in the garden. I bundled up to try to get them out. As soon as I got on the deck. the other goats came running. Those two babies jumped over the fence. Cleared it just like a deer!  We have never had any of our goats jump the fence until this year's babies did it. Kloe has been a part of all the trouble. I think she is the ringleader.

 I carry peanuts in my pocket. They know it and will even try to get in my pocket to steal some

Even Xena needs to sample some 

Jackson and Jefferson says "Don't forget about us. We want peanuts too!" 

I made some goat milk bath bombs this week. They are made with Orange essential oil. I use turmeric in my soap if I want an orange color. I did use it in the orange bath bombs. Now I have a greenish yellow colored orange scented bath bomb. Back to the drawing board.

How was your week?

PS As I was writing this, Kloe was back into the garden. G went out to get her. She half climbed half jumped over the fence. He is now putting the 4 foot fence over the 3 foot chicken wire. Fingers crossed it will keep out rabbit and now goats.

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