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Winter hit us this week. Time to get out the Carharts, gloves, hats, insulated boots and scarf. Won't see the chickens outside until it melts. Goats don't mind snow.

With wind chill it was in the teens. BRR! this means that the water barrels we use to water the critters are frozen. So we have to tote 5 gallon buckets of water. I can't carry those filled buckets so this is how I transport it.

This gross looking roaster is filled with 2 turkey carcasses, onions, celery, carrots, bay leaves, water, garlic, salt and pepper. I let this cook for 26 hours. I then strain it and refrigerate it overnight

The end result is 11 pints of the most delicious turkey bone broth


We did some more hoof trimming this week. Only got Colby and Jeorge done. This pic is of Jeorge. Jeorge was a jerk for his hoof trimming. It took both of us to left him onto the stand and get his head in the headlock. When I started his first back hoof,, he started kicking. He kicked me once so hard it knocked me of the stand. Then he got his head out. G held him while I crawled on the floor trying to trim. I got all 4 feet done. Not like I would have liked but enough to get most of the overgrowth. I wanted to kill him but then he laid his head on my shoulder like he was sorry for being such a jerk.


I made some Cinnamon Buns. I was going to freeze the 2 smaller pans.

After iced with cream cheese frosting. You ice this while it is still warm so some of the icing oozes into the roll. Only the square aluminum pan got frozen. We pretty much killed the rest.

How was your week?


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