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All of us here on the farm wish everyone a happy, healthy, and safe New Year.  

Well, we made it through another year. Where has the time gone? We have had some good times and some bad times, some successes and some failures, we have made new friends and had to say good bye to some old friends. (when did we become the generation to see friends passing on?) Let's tiptoe into 2022 and hope this crazy world gets better.

A year in review


Mine is so much better this year. I have gained all the weight I lost and then some. G had some challenges in the beginning of the year with broken ribs and kidney stone surgery. 

Goal this year- Losing some weight.


We were really pleased with the garden. After a lot of hard work cleaning it up and putting down woven weed mat, the upkeep was minimal. Tomatoes, beans, peppers, luffah, and sweet potatoes did great. Cucumbers, melons and carrots were failures. 

Goal for this year- Replacing rotten garden beds, Trying to grow in grow bags, and trying some new things in the garden


We lost a few of our older chickens. One was Heather. She was one of the original hens. 10 years old. We ended up with 2 roosters from this years chicks. One has gotten aggressive. He scares me but G and the boys aren't afraid of him. He may end up going to freezer camp.

The goats are doing great. Callie had 3 babies this year. We sold the babies, Marilyn and Monroe. So we ended the year with a total of 25 goats. We bred Mimi and Prim last week. Hopefully they will settle and have some spring babies.

Goal this year- Once again my goal is to trim hoofs in a timely manner


We got most of the project done on our list. We got the barns and coop cleaned. The driveway done, Chimney cleaned, garden redone, herb garden, bees, replace the chicken gate and the wethers patio. 

We didn't get the bucks patio, the boys door overhangs and the goat ramps done

Goal for this year- finish the jobs from last year, front flower bed, hoop house, replace bad raised beds in the garden

Our Farmhands

Our farmhands have been a big source of joy this year. They are kids that moved in next door. M1, M2 and L have been a huge help to us.

feeding the goats

harvesting the garden

cleaning the barn


cutting wood

And they just hang out and talk to us. Not a phone in sight. We are so impressed with how hard they work, pitch in without being asked or even paid. They are consistent in feeding the critters every morning and evening. 

They wanted me to post pics of their Christmas gifts 





And of course G had to try it

They learned to drive and practice in our driveway

We would like to give a huge thank you to all of our customers and followers on the blog and facebook. It means so much to us. Looking forward to another year.

What are your goals for the new year?


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