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Merry Christmas!!

We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. We had a busy week and now can wind down and relax.

Cece made the sugar cutout cookies. This is one cookie I dislike making the most. 

She iced and decorated them. The star in front is Patrick lol. She did a great job and the cookies were delicious.  I would have just smeared some icing on it and call it a day.

Several of the does decided to finally come into heat this week. We pimped out a couple of the girls. Hopefully Bea and Kylie got a Christmas gift. Today Harmony and Callie are screaming down at the boys gate. We may breed Harmony but Callie is taking the year off. She is not happy


 Here is our cookie trays. Ended up with 14 kinds of cookies

 Our 2 year old great grandson, Jack. He really understood what the presents were this year. As soon as he walked in, he made a beeline to the gifts under the tree. We gave him his presents first. He was so cute opening each gift. He chose Aunt Jen to be his helper and paper holder.

 Loud, crazy, chaotic, crowded, messy. This is our Christmas and I would not have it any other way. These people make my heart swell and I am so grateful to have them in my life. It is better than any gift under the tree. 

Yesterday was G's 69th birthday. The Florida Smiths treated us to dinner at the Longhorn. The are flying back today. 

Everyone have a safe a Happy New Year!!

How was your week?


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