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Almost Christmas!!

I got 14 kinds of cookies and candy made this week. Just 2 more to go, then I;m done. I did have a request for cream horns. Maybe if I feel like it,

Gifts are bought and need to be wrapped. Grandkids put up the Christmas tree. 


On the twelfth day of Christmas my farm life gave to me…
12 bales of hay
11 sacks of feed
10 fingers milking
9 degrees this morning
8 chickens cackling
7 frozen waterers
6 bags of peanuts
5 pairs of muck boots
4 pens to clean
3 barking dogs
2 bucks a blubbering
…And a doe screaming coz she's in heat
How many sang it? lol
I baked gingerbread houses this week. Evan, Cecelia and Sonny decorating them
All done!! They look so cute. I'm glad I took this picture because the kids have been picking off candies. By Christmas the house will be naked.
Here is the table Sonny has been working on. It is a table to fold laundry on with a shelf on the bottom for baskets. He has been lovingly cutting, glueing, sanding and staining it. It turned out beautiful. He did a great job.
The rain barrels are frozen. We have to tote water to the barns. Using the sled makes it a whole lot easier to carry them.
All of us here on the farm wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!!
How was your week?

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  • Cream horns. Yummm. Haven’t had them in years.


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