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Nothing new on the farm!

Not much going on at the farm this week. Only did 3 batches of soap and 2 batches of bath bombs made. Breeding is done for the year. 5 of the girls went down to the boys. So there will hopefully be some April babies.


We watched our #5 granddaughter G perform in the Nutcracker. She did a fantastic job, So graceful and beautiful. We are so proud of her.


I am having a really hard time getting into the Christmas Spirit, I baked my first batch of cookies yesterday. I normally start the day after Thanksgiving and bake at least on kind every day. The yellow powder in the jar is freeze dried eggs. Since the hens aren't laying I baked using the powdered eggs.


G is putting up the tree today. We get an ornament each year for the grandkids. These are the ornaments for this year.



 That's it. How was your week?

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