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Springerlies and Grandma

I started my Christmas baking this week, I made Springerlies and was flooded with memories of my Grandma Fouts. I really wish I was a wordsmith so I could convey just how much this woman meant to me.

This picture is me, grandma and my sister Pat in 1958. She lived with us and had the whole upstairs as her area We didn't have a whole lot of money but our house bustled at Christmas time. Mom and grandma decorated and baked like crazy. Our house was filled with joy.


One of the cookies grandma made was a German cookie called springerlies. Eggs, powdered sugar, baking soda and anise oil had to be hand stirred for an hour. That was our job. It had to be stirred just right. Not too fast, not too slow, and never in a figure eight. I can still hear her voice if she caught me watching TV instead of stirring. " Barbie Stir!" Boy did we moan and complain that we each had to stir for 15 minutes!!

The moaning and complaining tradition continues with Sonny, Cece and Evan.


 She decorated each cubby in this bookcase with a different scene. She had a village scene on the top of the shelf. There was not a shelf, table or wall that wasn't decorated.


Grandma had a big candy case filled with salt and pepper shakers. I remember sitting for hours looking at her salt and pepper shakers. She had a story for each and every one of them. She knew where every single one came from and who gave her others.


Grandma also collected cacti. Most of the year they were upstairs in her rooms, At the beginning of summer, it was my job to carry them all downstairs and to the backyard. She would have a cactus garden in the summer. In the fall I would carry them all back upstairs for her. I would get a quarter for the job.

 She had a banana tree that was 40 years old. She took such great care in all her plants. I inherited her banana tree and after 3 short years managed to kill it.

Every so often, Grandma would take one of us downtown. We would walk to the bus stop and ride downtown. Always ate at Lazarus. She would get 2 small bags of jelly beans for the other two at home. It was always a treat to go with her

Grandma always found the time for us. I never heard her say a bad word about anyone. She never showed favoritism. She always made me feel I was special. She had the patience of Job and the wisdom of Solomon. She was my friend, mentor, confidant, and role model. If I could be only half the grandmother she was, I am happy. She gave us the gift more precious than silver and gold. Grandma Fouts gave her time.

Till we meet again, Edith Blanche Eby Fouts 1895-1969. I love you!!

How was your week?

Big thanks to my sister, Pam for some of the old pictures

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