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Xena- our Livestock Guardian Dog

 This week is about Xena. She is our Livestock Guardian Dog or LGD. She lives with the goats 24/7. She has her own stall that she eats and sleeps in but the rest of the time she is with the goats. 

After we got her, we made a pen for her in the goat yard. She was with the goats but couldn't be with them unless we were out there to supervise. She was in there for a couple of months. Then was full time with the goats. Not long after she had free reign, we came home and found her in the chicken yard. She had busted the fence between the goats and chickens. We were so afraid to see how many dead chickens we would find.(she had never been around chickens) Found not a feather out of place!!! 

 Then the babies were born. Still not sure how she would react. She was so protective of them. I was watching her a few days after the babies were born. They were outside and the babies pooped. She ran up and ate the poop and licked their behinds. It confused me at first why she would do that. She isn't a poop eater. Then I realized that the mamas did that and Xena was doing what the mama would do. Every now and again we would catch her chasing the babies and have to correct her but for the most part she behaved so well with them

We had a fox get in the chicken run this year so we decided to fence in the backyard so Xena could get to all the critter yards. Haven't seen the fox since. This week we saw her tearing across the yard barking like crazy. There were some deer on the other side of the fence going into the wooded area. She then came back to where the goats were and sat and stared at the area where the deer went. She sat there for 15 or 20 minutes then went to the fence and laid and watched for a long time. Granted it was just deer but so proud of her for guarding her goats. Since we have fenced in the backyard we have not seen any foxes, coyotes, skunks, raccoons or even rabbits in the yard.

She has been such source of anger, joy, frustration, amusement and pride. She has such an incredible, unconditional, loyal love to give. Just love this dog 


Xena was born June 2016. She is 80% Great Pyrenees and 20% Anatolian Shepard 

 4 weeks old

G holding Xena when we picked her up in Kentucky August 2016 

This is when she was out of with the goats 

 Relaxing with the babies


Wanting some lovins from G

So proud of our LGD

Finally finished to bucks area this week. Bad enough we can't use the tractor but after all the rain couldn't even use the wheelbarrow. So we resorted to using a sled 

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