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Friday Farm Report 11-8-19

Echoes, Patience, Silence and Grace

There's a song I love from rock band the Foo Fighters called "Home" where the singer reflects on his life and how, now that he's older, the important things like family, friends and faith are things to be cherished. In his life, he's amassed millions of dollars, countless fans and incredible levels of influence but it's the simple things that are most real in this life, and those things are to be held dear. In these last couple months, I have experienced this a bit myself. The stillness of the country has pushed the reset button in me where, often times, I will simply take a stroll on the farm, hang out with the goats or tool around in the woodshop and reflect on what's important. My kids, of course, my parents, brother and sisters, extended family, friends and my passions. Music has always been a big part of my life and sitting on the back porch playing guitar or ukulele or mandolin has brought me a joy I haven't felt for quite some time. It feels great and using some of these quiet times to try to teach my son guitar has been gratifying (albeit a patience-testing process). 

But it's been those little things that I've enjoyed most. Sitting and drinking a beer with Dad, watching football; cooking alongside Mom; doing farm chores with the kids; playing card games as a family and laughing until it hurts. These are the things that will go into the annals of our memories, not what new phone we have or the fancy clothes we own or the car we drive. Because all we really want, is to be home.

On the farm, the greenhouse has been cleaned. The garbage man probably has some choice words for us when we do things like this, but that's farm life. During a 40 degree day, the greenhouse registered a temperature of about 60 degrees, so that's some good news.

Here is the luffa haul so far. Typically grown in places like Vietnam or Cambodia, we managed to grow these right in the aforementioned greenhouse. Did you know that if harvested early, the luffa can be eaten much like a cucumber, but as it ripens, the fruit becomes very fibrous and then can be used for kitchen and bath purposes? How cool is our natural world? Thanks Wikipedia!

Speaking of our Natural world, since daylight savings has come upon us, we are seeing sights like this earlier and earlier. Night time of course brings cooler temperatures and cooler temperatures bring that annoying dry skin. Lucky for you, we have the perfect solution with our collection of spectacular goat milk soaps and lotions. Go check out the store on this website and get your hands (and face and hair) on the best goat milk products you can buy. Shop local and support hard working small businesses that make our communities closer and a better place to live.

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Have a great week!


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