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 Whether you had a big crowd or just a small gathering we hope everyone had a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

We decided to have our usual Thanksgiving dinner. It was just immediate family but our family is huge. 4 generations. We were missing a couple of people. These people are what we are most thankful for. No amount of money or "things: could replace our family. G deep fried 2 turkeys and I cooked a ham.  I will vacuum seal and freeze most of the leftovers for Christmas. G and my sister Pam got a lot of the kitchen cleaned after dinner and I finished cleaning when I woke up at 1:30. We are exhausted. Today is going to be a lazy day

Kids playing Tripoly.  We played a practice hand to teach a couple how to play. Poor Erick had a really good hand for the practice round and then didn't win a hand once for the real playing.

I did get some canning done. I cleaned beef roast out of the freezer. I got 11 pints. 2 jars didn't seal and 2 jars siphoned too much so I freeze dried those jars. Canned beef is so tender. I will be cooking and canning turkey bone broth this week.

We haven't gotten 1 egg in the last week.  I do have some freeze dried eggs I can use for baking or scramble eggs but have to buy some for fried eggs

We trimmed some hoofs this week. Who needs the gym when you can get plenty of resistance exercise trimming hoofs Only have 92 more feet to do.


G and Sonny put in the rest of the post for the garden. It only took them 2 hours to dig and cement  them. G was so grateful for Sonny's help. G put up the gates and next spring we will put up the fence.

 That's about it. How was your week?

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