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I hope everyone had a happy and safe Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful day with the family. My son and daughter-in-law had it at their house this year. Four were missing. We had so much great food. More than one person could possibly eat. Nothing fills my heart more than to be with my family. 


G and I are so blessed. We have so much more than we ever dreamed of. Not the material things but the things that matter the most.

We did finish the floor in the upstairs hallway. I will paint the moldings and get them back on this weekend. And stain the railing so we can get it up.


The ice on the trees last week broke a bunch of pine limbs on our neighbors tree. We drug them all home and the goats attacked it. Pine trees is one of their favorites.

Either a naughty dog or naughty goats trampled down the garden fence and got into the part we blocked off. The munched on G's blueberry bushes. Keep your fingers crossed they didn't kill them. We fixed the chicken wire and put woven wire over that. Pretty redneck but it should keep dog, goats and rabbits out of the garden. We put the gate up so the garden is off limits now.

How was your week?


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