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Need to build an ark


I cleaned the boys barn 2 days. I only got a third of the bucks area done. It has to be wheelbarrowed out. The heating pad was my very close friend. Then it rained. And rained. And rained. The wheelbarrow doesn't work in a foot of mud. So the barn cleanings and coop cleaning is put off until it dries up. G had to carry 600 pounds of feed to the boys barn instead of using the wagon.

Rango doing his goofy blubbering, tongue flapping the whole time,

 I finally got around to canning my sweet potatoes. I canned them in a light brown sugar syrup. I got 14 pints

I like to weigh my base oils out at one time. When it is time to make soap all I have to do is pull out one of the containers and just weigh the lye, milk and scent out. It makes my soap making so much easier. This is enough for 9 batches.

This 3 logs waiting to be cut. 2 Black Raspberry Vanilla and 1 Sweet Orange



 I tried the bath bombs this week. Once with just a headache and once with a migraine. I also tried the lavender. I need 3 more people to be testers. Must live close enough to pick it up and honest enough to give me a true opinion.

How was your week?


  • Ok Nancy You are one of my testers. thanks

    Barb Smith
  • I’ll try the bath bomb! 😀

    Nancy Zaiser

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