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We got our first taste of winter this week. A couple of mornings it was in the single digits. Time to drag out the insulated boots, Carharts, Warm hat and gloves. 

Goats ventured out and enjoyed eating the birdseed. The have gotten their fluffy cashmere winter coats. The chickens looked out and saw white. No way they stepped foot outside until today

Freezing temperatures mean frozen rain barrels. We have to lug 5 gallon jugs of water to fill up their heated buckets.


Not much else happening. Just trying to stay warm. Although I did entertain myself by dressing the granddog in costumes. He was not amused.

I made 5 batches of soaps this week and labeled a bunch that was done curing. 

I will be putting up a give away on our Facebook page Sunday. I use an app that randomly picks a winner. It will only pick from our Farm Facebook Page. Keep an eye out for details. 

That's all folks!!

How was your week?

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